I’ve been busy not absent, thinking, not, not thinking.  I just thought I had better say that.

The thing that has been taking up most of my brain is a new project called Book Apothecary – A travelling Artist Book Museum.  I thought to myself that life as an artist is quite lonely with lots of thinking but not enough talking or sharing or see-sawing as I like to think of it and I want to collaborate more, learn new skills and that there were other book artists in the North but no place for us to think and see-saw together.  So I thought I had better do something about that and so a few months pass and I think some more, even write things down on paper and then a funding application (well two actually) later and here we are, breathing and see-sawing and really getting rather excited.  It’s still quite new but we have a holding page here and a booking for Durham Book Festival in October so that’s what’s happening and when more things are ready to be shared then that will go here and also on the there (the website).

In other news, i’ve left my job at The Shed… well this time next week I will have.  I’m going freelance, in the studio full time, making books, not making books, thinking out loud, drawing?  Yes that’ll be a change won’t it?  I’m going to rework this website a bit and then maybe even think about an exhibition, that’ll be good won’t it?  Watch out, here I come!

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