I’m still striking up a balance between the whole art and craft/design debate of my whole practice and lately the craft/design seems to be taking up a lot of my time.  It’s funny because I guess both strands seem intrinsically interlinked.  Both book sculptural and that.  But for me they really couldn’t be more removed.  I know this because it feels like using different parts of my brain when I work on each.  My designer brain is completely seperated from my art head.  Lately my designer brain is coming up with ideas that are both excellent and saleable.. a difficult feat I’m sure you understand, but a fun one.  It does come over a bit number crunchy at times, but I still, even after all these folds, completely enjoy the process.  I think if I didn’t I wouldn’t do it would I?

On an art focus, I absolutely need to get started on a new sculpture.  There is an exhibition in Leeds coming up at the end of February and I haven’t even started the sculpture.  I have worked out it will take about 15 twelve hour days to complete though, so the planning is in my head (the side I’m still unsure) which I think is always a good start.

Here’s to brain co0ordination and happiness in making!

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