A few new shows

It’s been all too quiet over here hasn’t it?  In that case I had better reveal some things I’ve been working on…
First up is a new installation of modular origami for an exhibition in a church in Gateshead.  The church is being converted into artist studios (I have my eye on one of them) and [...]

Gallery of Wonder Show

Here’s some images of the Gallery of Wonder Show in situ.  I love the glass with the books, I think it’s worked really well, especially in the noir light.  It’s made me think of working with glass again and may even mean I can make work that could be placed outside, something that I find [...]

New Horizons

I’m planning the next phase of work at the moment.  One of the things I’m looking at is this website.  I feel a redesign is in order to reflect a new phase and I really can’t wait to launch it.
Aside from being super busy at work, I’ve also really got stuck into developing ideas and [...]

Reviews and tessellations

No Land in Particular has been reviewed twice this week.  Firstly here and then again in the Journal.  I’ve heard the exhibition has gathered quite a lot of interest from passers by.  It’s quite sad it’s coming down on Saturday.  I feel as if I’ve been on an art high with an influx of opportunity [...]