Living North Interview

I’ve been featured in this months Living North Magazine, a regional magazine based in the North of England.  It’s my first ever full page feature so it’s a real milestone for me.  I’m not sure how wide their readership is, so for those who aren’t from my part of the world here is the interview [...]

Business planning or one very big, elaborate to do list

After quite a busy few weeks things have come to a halt and now I have time to breathe.  I’m 56 hours over at work, which is quite a feat and honestly I have no idea when I’m going to find the time to take back all of my hours as things are really picking [...]

Work work work

Suddenly life has taken over, work work work.  That’s what it feels like anyway.  The Shed has been loads of fun and very very inspiring for being around creative people but also for getting back into the flow of pushing my practice on.  My favourite part of the job is the development stuff with the [...]

Making and sleeping

I’ve lost about a week due to sleep and I’m struggling a bit with making work for the new exhibition.  This blog post is actually the most productive thing I’ve done all weekend.  I feel much better abandoning the anti-biotics I’ve been taking for the past week or so.   I was half heartedly given them [...]