Good news all round

Getting feedback from your work is great, no wait it’s fantastic!  It sort of keeps you along the lines of thinking that ‘Yes this is good, people like what I do, I’m not wasting my time, indulging myself out of vanity’, but there’s no better feedback than a returning customer…or even a returning customer who [...]

Reaping what you sow

The other day I referred to a possible bleak start to the year, especially when it came to financials.  Well this week I’m taking it all back because opportunities have been popping up all over the place.  Nothing is definite yet but things are becoming more visible each day and that in itself is really [...]

Endings and beginnings

Today was the last day at my current job and on Thursday I’ll move upstairs to a different office within the same organisation to start a new three month contract, after that I have no job security.  I’ve known about this for a while and though it’s not the most ideal situation to start the [...]

New cards

Remember my stitch and collage experiments from the other day?  Well I’ve decided to develop them into some cards for Valentines Day… they’re not quite finished yet but as soon as they are, they’ll be available in the shop.  I’ve booked a stall at the Make and Mend Market too so they’ll be able to [...]

Who do you read?

One of my unspoken resolutions this year is to spread good karma and the way I plan to do this is through the blogging world. Many of you won’t know but I read blogs more than books, magazines or newspapers. Everyday like clockwork, I click on Google Reader and have a good old [...]

A day for suprises

After arguing with myself about whether to brave the freezing cold world outside (-21 degrees in parts of the north) I put on my wellies and many socks and scarves to pick up a parcel which contained this gorgeous rice bowl by Julia Smith Ceramics and my first purchase from Folksy.  It was packaged so [...]


Playing about with stitch and collage.


My new year never really starts until I receive my Mslexia diary.  I was a bit late ordering it this year so it hasn’t arrived yet but I’ve got lots of things that I’m going to put in it.
Last year was a bit topsy turvy.  I decided at the beginning of the year to take [...]

Teacup crazy

I’ve made a discovery lately.  I like to drink tea out of teacups.  Not mugs, teacups.  What is about them that makes them more satisfying?  A teacup is exactly the right size for a me sized cup of tea and I like the teacup/saucer double act.  So with this very important discovery at hand, I [...]

Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone.   I’m back at work tomorrow in the cold cold snow, it doesn’t seem two weeks since I was last working, must be all that fun I’ve been having.
I’m having a sale on the cylinder book sculptures in my shop at the moment till the end of January.  I’ve also slowly been [...]