Literary Lovelies Treasury

My cylinder book sculpture has been featured on an etsy treasury.  You can view it here until it expires on Thursday.  I’ve finally managed to learn how to capture a treasury and put it on a blog, hooray!  Here it is, not bad eh?

Merry Yuletide

Happy Christmas everyone!  I’m signing off for a few days, heading Dad-bound to eat as much as he attempts to offer me (he has a bit of a sweet tooth) and watching the Christmassyist films and enjoy time not having to do very much at all.
I’ll be back before the end of the year to [...]

The silver lining

This weeks seven things comes late, due to the fury that is Christmas which seems to have knocked me off balance this year.   I’ll have a think about some new years resolutions that I might not fulfill too.

My funniest interview to date.  This involved saving my presentation in Office 2007 which of course the organisation [...]

New Map Books

I’ve modified my map books to include a spine insert of leather green paper.  I’m much happier with this new addition and I’ve popped it up in the shop.  Let me know what you think.

I’m off to town to finish my Christmas shopping now, though I’m really just tempted to buy myself a new dress [...]

Sunday Seven

In my last post, I wrote about doing a regular weekly post on a topic or idea.  I’ve decided to post this on a Sunday, largely because I know I’ll definitely be at home (House is on Sky One) and because it’ll get me into a nice routine (post blog, brush teeth, get clothes ready [...]

Something regular

I’ve been thinking about doing a regular post, like every Sunday I’ll post something that might be in a series.  Trouble is I haven’t figured out what yet.   I’ve been following Storeyshops gorgeous blog, she does an I Want Wednesday, which is brilliant.  I love how she showcases a different artist each week while at [...]

Photos, finally.

They’re here!  I finally managed to get down to the gallery to photograph my exhibition.  My photos are rubbish, or at least compared to a professional photographer they are, so here are some of Colin Davison’s photo’s, which my work has been lucky enough to be a subject of.  Hooray!

Facebook and Twitter

Just to say Paperfaerie, the sales part of me (sculptures, cards, cut outs and other papery goods) has its own Facebook and Twitter pages.  We’re looking for people to follow and hope to pick up some fans along the way.  If you’d like to be friends, click on the links and follow/fan me.

Plan Chest Exhibition at Globe Hub

I’m still addicted to paper cutting. I have dreams of Pylons. Here is one I made for my friends birthday, I think she liked it.   Also a newly listed card available in the shop:
Most excitingly, I’ve recently found out I’ve been included in Globe Gallery’s latest selling exhibition, just in time [...]

Paper Cut Out

I’ve been indulging in paper cutting lately, something I’ve been wanting to try for ages, but just didn’t seem to have the time.  Now I’m totally addicted and some have ended up in my shop.
I’m still very new to it and still quite shaky with my scalpel, but I’m hoping I’ll get better at it [...]