The end and the beginning

Last Sunday saw the latest Exhibition at The Cluny Gallery.  A solo show by local artist Rachael Clewlow.   I graduated with Rachael and have always admired her work, which is based around fanatical and obsessive lists she compiles from journeys around the UK.  These lists are converted through paintings and drawings in graph and map [...]


There will be blankets and bare feet
and the first cup of sugary coffee
those pangs of sheer random happiness
will be spooned with lumps into milk
there will be spooning
in bed with your clothes on
newly conditioned cotton will be tucked
inside the under folds of limbs
they’ll play Tunng on the radio
the one about the cat and the tree trunks
living [...]

We began in letters

even though I was intolerant of  stamps
you send me thirty eight on second hand
newsprint to keep me going for a year or so
You did well to keep up with all my houses
I decifer poems with morse code
imagined they were about us
your lovers didn’t have heads or opinions
your face never aged with your accent
we’d buy time [...]

Stubborn Jam Jar

I will you open
my body has a temper
spits and grumbles
takes your grooves right off you


You have been here before
you were there just then
and now and again
creased by a cartographer
folded out open and
closed by a ghost
you are there
when we draw you


About a year or so ago I embarked on a project writing a poem a day for a week and I’ve been thinking about doing this exercise again.  Today I discovered that it’s Poetry Month in the US and that just about everyone is embarking on a project called Napowrimo and writing a poem everyday [...]