Next year

I’m just waiting for the new year to arrive.  My motivation has been drawn in by Ferraro Rocher and Turkey Sandwiches.  Christmas was nice, I had a sort of family affair, the first time we had all got together in maybe five or six years.  My dad wore a tie.
I went to buy a diary [...]

So last night I got kidnapped

by The Byker Mummers.  At first I was just going to go round for my dinner because it was my friends (Headman) birthday.  It then quickly transpired that I was to help cook roast lunch for 7 other people. These people turned up, we ate we drank, we didn’t talk about the burnt brocolli (yes [...]


It is now the time to reflect on the past year before a new one begins.  I read my chinese star sign recently (earth rabbit) and it said next year would be a difficult one, but I follow the belief of making my own destiny so I’m not too worried about that.
I use another site [...]

Ten words about Monday

sleep – I get a lie in on a Monday, it’s one of those luxuries I cant really afford but I do it nonetheless.  Today my day started at 10.27 precisely.
Tea – On days off I start it with a nice cup of tea.  I rarely eat breakfast except when I’m on holiday.  Not having [...]