Ten things about LifeWorkArt

It’s Monday today and every Monday like clockwork I write down ten positive things about the last week and mail it to a group of people who do the same.  It’s a silly idea really and some weeks it becomes a bit of a chore especially when i’m really busy.  I have been doing this [...]

An update on shopping

Every now and again I have a panic stricken etsy moment.  These feelings usually come about when I’m poor, living off noodles and Kimchi and buying into two for one promotions in bulk.  This week has been all about etsy.  It’s easy to forget about the shop because it really does take care of itself, [...]

The Secret Life of Pencils

The latest exhibition for The Cluny Gallery is nearly upon us.  It features three outstanding local artists who work as drawing as a thinking process for their work.  It coincides nicely with the annual Ouseburn Open Studios Weekend.

Come down and check it out.

The Journal Culture Magazine, November 2008

I was featured in the November issue of The Journals Culture Magazine.

Officially this was my first interview and it was really hard coming up with the answers especially the one about my favourite artist.  I’m a consistently fickle Gemini so under the circumstances I think I did alright. The interview came about after I’d sent [...]

Two poems

Instructions for a Woodcat
Lick the butter from your feet
find your own trail
cover up your past with the
swift sweep of your shadow
claw at disfigured debris as if
they were your enemy
find your siesta
don’t fight it
lie amongst the insects
give names to them
trace the constellations
but don’t think of home
think of the new day
of the hard edges of walking
the cold [...]

The Cluny Gallery Launch

The Cluny Gallery launched on November 3rd with an exciting new exhibition on the theme of Environments (personal, private and domestic).
Sam Taylor and I had spent 6 months planning a pilot programme which involved lots of meetings in pubs with Erdinger and Strawberry beer as our companions, lots of meeting other people who wanted to [...]

Just a little thing

I have new buttons which have been designed by web king Gavin Logan who I shall link to as soon as his professional website is up and running.  If you like the look of the site and fancy some help creating yours then email me and I shall pass on your details.
This week has been [...]

The Art of Books Exhibition

I’m completely behind on my posts.  Life seems to creep up on you.  You seem to wait around for something to happen and all of a sudden things do and then they’re over and you wonder what it was you were waiting around for in the first place (I suppose that’s what Mr Obama must [...]