Work in Progress – The Art of Books

This week I have been mainly folding, piercing and sewing

I also came across my first ever hand made book.  All the other books I have used have been glued by a machine but this one was sewn, I got quite excited about that for quite a while before I continued to shred it to pieces.

These [...]


This is an image from the WLTM exhibition in August.

After submitting a dating style questionnaire artists works were coupled and presented together. I was coupled with Sarah Turner, a film artist.  A condition of the exhibition was attending the preview so that we could meet each other and find out how compatible we [...]

You can’t judge a book if you can’t see the cover

Today has been a relatively pain free day.  Now that’s not a very interesting statement to make unless of course you’ve had a migraine for 6 weeks which has not been fun very much at all, but today it was bearable which I am muchly pleased about, it made cutting bits of paper and piercing [...]

Two things

are happening this weekend.  First of all there’s an exhibition of Bethan Lakers drawings at The Cluny Gallery which opens today at 5pm.  Then tomorrow I’m making my prescence known again at the Star and Shadow Market (11am – 4pm) where I will be selling papery things.   Superb!  Come down if you’re about.