Cluny Gallery Exhibition: Things to Make and Draw by Bethan Laker

This is the new exhibition that is coming up at The Cluny Gallery on the 14th September.   We had a bit of a frantic time trying to get the space sorted in time and the artist we had originally booked cancelled at the last minute but luckily we came across Bethans website and were enchanted [...]


I recently entered an innovative exhibition called WLTM. It acts just like a dating agency where my answers to a questionnaire were assessed to find my art work a perfect match. Out of 34 artists who submitted 6 couples were chosen simply based on the statistical data submitted.
“WLTM is a curatorial investigation into [...]

Speeding up destiny

I’ve just returned from a conference in London which was to do with my new job.  Ahaa that’s the news I couldn’t reveal before.
In a fury or frustration and madness I handed my notice in, which actually happened before I managed to get another job.  I was so frustrated by spending so little time on [...]

Origaminess and big decisions

Been having quite a lethargic weekend which is quite odd for me. I go through phases of pure creative obsession but just haven’t been up to it at at all this last week, to balance the guilt I did manage to clean my bathroom though.
I did managed to finish making the last batch of [...]